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Renzo Modesti

I always enjoy your cartoons and your graphic novels are fantastic… and check here every so often to see your latest projects and art work.
I do hope all is going well for you and your loved ones.
Look forward to see you one day again in Australia, I have good memories of sharing a glass of red wine and a laugh on your balcony many years ago…

All the best and keep up the great work!!!!



Awesome site, guys !

Keep up the good work !

Therese Saint Paul

I love Vadot’s work. I use it with my students of French.
His cartoons are a great way to promote discussions and critical thinking!

Merci Nicolas!

Cristina Guzman

HI Nicolas,
My friend Bob Stebbing was in Argentina and gave me your book about Bush. It is ingenious; very good political humor and incredible illustrations. CONGRATULATIONS!
Do you sell the original illustrations? In this case can you send me the size and technique used?
Cristina Guzman

Allison Ireland

Dear Nicolas,

Soon after I arrived back in U.K I lent ’80 Days’ to Jack, a francophile friend I knew would enjoy it—- he was 79 and a former colleague of mine.He had it for 2 or 3 weeks and when I called again he was noting the ISBN no. so he could order his own copy.I knew he had limited time before him [emphysema] but was shocked to hear of his death only a week later. So ’80 Days’ was one of the last experiences he enjoyed. 

Last month I lent it to a friend who grew up in Brussels during the War then married an English Captain. 

She, too, at 84, really enjoyed ’80 Days’

Thierry Romano

Hi cousin.I had a look at what you do and I think it’s great. I wish you all the best !

Kirsty Scott

I think that the english translation is fantastic, bravo both of you, it was definately worth skipping afternoon tea for! He he he, am looking forward the cartoons being translated Cath, anyone would think you have been slack or something (chuckle chuckle).
No really a great site you guys and the photo is very spunky!
Love Kirst and Ben


Looks great Nicolas!
Well done.