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80 Days

Story: Vadot & Guéret
Artwork : Vadot
Publisher: Casterman
Pages: 72
Price: 14 €
Date of release: 12 May 2006

Published in French

Pages 1 to 24 in English

The plot

Aged and suffering, Edward Goodman is 80 years old

and at death's door. Yet all of a sudden the ageing

process inexplicably goes into reverse: to the

amazement of Juliet, the desirable young nurse who

watches over him, Edward starts getting younger,

at the rate of a year each day. One week later he

is 73 years old, after two weeks he is 66 and so it

goes. Under the spell of this incredible phenomenon,

the once old man sees his whole world transformed.

Miraculously he has been given the gift of 80 days to

relive his entire life, in reverse. Everything becomes

possible... again! But what will happen at the end of

this borrowed time?




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