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Nicolas Vadot was born on June 17th 1971 in Carshalton (UK) to a French father and an English mother.

He spent his childhood in France, moving to Belgium at the age of 17 where he completed his last year of high school at the French School of Brussels.


He then studied visual communication at the Ecole de Recherches Graphiques (ERG) in Brussels and graduated in 1993.


He works for two major Belgian publications: weekly Newsmagazine Le Vif/L'Express (since 1993) and Finance daily L'Echo (since 2008).

His cartoons are also published in Courrier International and


Vadot is also a member of the Cartooning for Peace Foundation.

He regularly publishes compilations of his cartoons and also works as a graphic novelist. His latest album, 'Maybe This Tuesday' ('Maudit Mardi!') was released in September 2012.


He has three nationalities, French, British and Australian, and lives in Brussels, Belgium.



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