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The George W. Bush years

A cartoon step-by-step


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Before the final published version a drawing undergoes several stages.
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The sketching.
The drawing.
Done in just a few minutes the purpose
of the sketch is to visualise an idea. If it does not ‘work’
immediately, there is no point in continuing - it is binned.
The editor approves or rejects this initial rough sketch
This much more detailed, precise drawing,
based on the initial sketch, is done in pencil.
It is often the longest stage.
The inking.
The colouring.
The finished pencil drawing is put on a
light-table and traced onto another piece of
paper using Indian ink, applied with a brush.
The ink drawing is then scanned and coloured on the
computer using Photoshop©, the same method being used for dialogue and titles. When finished, the drawing is sent by e-mail to the editorial staff for publishing.



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