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How SANDAWE works
'Maybe This Tuesday' was entirely crowdfunded via the Internet.
The project was launched on the website in early April 2010,
requiring €56 000 to become viable. In total, 289 'édinautes' or crowdfunding
publishers each invested between the minimum of €10 and 7 000€.

'Maybe This Tuesday' is the third Sandawe album financed by the crowdfunding
system following 'Il Pennello' by Allais and Perrotin in June 2010
and 'Maître Corbaque' by E411 and Zidrou in July 2010.

The initial project for 'Maybe This Tuesday' was one 80-page volume but evolved to
become a double album in two volumes totalling 108 pages. The crowdfunding
publishers have been able to follow the different stages of creation via the
website and have received among other things an advance copy,
bonuses (canvas editions of chosen pages, tee-shirts etc. according to
the sum contributed) and will receive a share of the profits, if profits there are!

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