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About the book
'Maybe This Tuesday' is a story about lacking roots. The scenario is built on two coinciding events: firstly, directly following the death of his parents, a man takes root – literally – in the ground on which he has always lived; and secondly, he learns on which day of the week he will die. The entwining of these two ideas provides a dreamlike atmosphere, opening the door to a far more realist scenario, which relates the relationship between Achilles and his first love, Rebecca. The prospect of finding her again will force him to take risks, explore his inner-self and escape from his humdrum existence.

This project is a natural follow-on to my previous albums, Norbert l'Imaginaire (Lombard), 80 Days (in collaboration with Olivier Guéret, co-author) and Nine Months (Casterman) all of which deal with self-discovery through a half-dreamlike/half-realist world.

My main professional activity as a political cartoonist requires me to reflect daily on conflict, be it on a political, social or global scale. At the same time my work as a graphic novelist sees me delving deep into the internal conflicts inherent to each human being, which are often transposed into the 'real' world.


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