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(Norbert l'imaginaire)





Chapter 1: Nora

Chapter 2: Mr S (Monsieur I)

Chapter 3: The Queen of Clubs (la Dame de trèfle)



About the series

About the characters



Story : Nicolas Vadot & Olivier Guéret
Artwork & colors : Nicolas Vadot
Publisher : Le Lombard

Pages : 216
Date of release : october 2012



  The plot

First published in a series of three separate books between 2001 and 2004, Gerry Geronimo (Norbert l'Imaginaire) is now available in one volume, completed by "The Depressor", a previoulsly unreleased prequel to the series. Simon Glonek is a rather inhibited thirty-something, son of a rich real estate agent who is attempting as best he can to train his offspring so that he can one day take over the business. But Simon is a complex individual within whom his Imaginery, Reason and Subsonscient elements are fighting in order to take, retain or conquer power. One day, on the February 14th, Simon encounters the beautiful Elodie and his entire inner being is thrown into disarray. It is the Valentine's Day Revolution, with with its innumerable amorous coups, deliberate counter revolutions, but also the birth of an extreme-right monster biding its time : the Depressor.


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