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Benjamin Button

In Provence Juliet reads F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Originally she was supposed to read The Portrait of Dorian Gray, which I had read while drafting the scenario for 80 Days. That was until I had just completed 34 of the book’s 70 pages and a friend sent me an article from Variety magazine. David Fincher, director of Seven, was preparing to adapt The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Fitzgerald's short story is about of a guy who is born old and just keeps getting younger.
He meets a young 30 year-old woman when he is 50, moves in with her and of course continues to grow younger as she ages. Essential difference: in the short story the character is born old and grows younger in real time. He has the body of an old man but lacks his life experience. In Fincher’s film which was scheduled for 2006 (like 80 Days), Brad Pitt was to play the role of the man and Cate Blanchett, the young woman. A real Hollywood blockbuster which was going to crush anything similar in its path and make us look like a couple of unoriginal copycats! So not to be defeated, I immediately went looking for Fitzgerald’s 20th century piece on the internet and read it. With great relief I realised that while there are many overlaps, our stories are very different. Fortunately for us graphic novelists, Fincher’s project looks like it will get of the ground in 2007, one year after 80 Days is released.
By the way, Juliet enjoyed The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and if you’re reading, David, Cate or Brad, you can email us anytime...

Cick here to read F.Scott Fitzgerald's short story.
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